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Published: 03rd June 2010
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Said "five years of his life." In terms of human inventions, 50 years may have just a moment, many technologies take a long time before the outbreak of the accumulation and precipitation. Looking to the last 50 years the evolution of various home appliances, which seems short-lived moment of life has brought us a lot of convenience and quality of life improvement.

50 years, regardless of color TV sets, refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioners four major home appliances and small household appliances, have undergone rapid technological change. In the past 50 years, generations of models of home appliances to enjoy a user, in addition to the surprise of new products, there are a lot of moving around, because in the past 50 years, we have enjoyed many, many ... ...

Invention to achieve revolutionary change

Gone through several stages over a product people will have strong feelings. Mr. Huang's home 20 years ago, now placed in the 14-inch black and white TV to buy. Every time he remembers the scene at that time, he is feeling: "At that time, a television for nearly 400 dollars, almost 10 times one month's wages. At that time, unified unit to buy monthly deduction from wages in a little . It should be said, it is the first installment of the. "With this TV, then that turned out to be the" Legend of the Condor Heroes "and the film became the biggest entertainment. Still smarting. Although for several television, but the first is still a deep feeling of television.

This is the changes brought by technological progress. 50 years ago, most TV is still black and white, the world is not colorful glory. But black and white TV to color TV, and then upgrade from ordinary TV to rear projection TV picture tube, and then across to the LCD, plasma and other flat-panel TV, there is less time change, change is growing.

Not only TV, all appliances in the past 50 years are undergoing significant changes, a variety of technology came into being. For example, the smart refrigerator air temperature, depth of fresh, washing machines were dual power, stops and other technical clothing that is dry, has greatly enhanced the technical content. As technology advances and developments, we almost forgot there is no life what home appliances, and even produced an endless stream of new "Shenmeipilao."

Technological advances to create high-quality life

With advances in technology, our life has been changing. Many chores can these "helper" to resolve to make our lives easier and enjoyable.

Mr. Chang is still bachelor, before a large part of the time spent on housework. Last year, he acquired a set of appliances. Now, he ruined a vacuum cleaner, a washing machine to help do the laundry, cooking with rice cookers, microwave ovens and other complete set of equipment, past heavy housework became more relaxed.

In appliances with the help of our entertainment colorful life together. For example, the current flat-panel TV has reached a large size, the development trend of high-definition LCD TV's response time of 8 ms from the previous upgrade to 4 milliseconds, in many recent series of 120 Hz frequency, dynamic TV have listed, together with the resolution of 1920 × 1080P full HD images, setting up shop in the Olympic Games opportunities. This gives consumers a great visual. Some TVs can be attached recording, USB, HIMI multimedia interface, etc, can also be made more abundant source of television programming.

In addition, the appliance designers have begun to take into account the needs of home life, household appliances in appearance, color and superior aspects of home life gradually match, which also built a high quality of life. Color board air-conditioning, refrigerator, etc. Louhua are very fashionable colors, to add a lot of household energy. Many families choose to flat-panel TV with "hook" put way to save space, to the interior design has brought a lot of flexibility, like a living room "HD mural," interior landscape to bring a revolutionary change .

3C integration to create a digital age

Present, many home appliance products into the "3C convergence" phase, a variety of products together, especially in the multimedia entertainment and information processing play a huge role together.

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