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Published: 15th June 2010
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First, what are all the more fresh as possible, so to the baby to drink fresh Milk Better than drinking formula.

Expert solution error: Broken baby breast milk, some Mummy started to drink fresh milk to the baby, this is actually very bad for the health of infants:

1. Infants and young children's gastrointestinal tract, kidney and other systems immature to drink milk baby will have a lot of harm, first of all, the ratio of calcium and phosphorus in milk inappropriate content will affect the high calcium phosphate absorption, and high levels of casein, acid easily after experiencing clots, gastrointestinal absorption is not easy.

2. Milk's lactose is mainly -lactose, inhibit bifidobacteria, and to promote the formation of E. coli, likely to cause gastrointestinal disease infants. Meanwhile, the milk will increase in kidney burden of minerals, the infant to chronic dehydration, dry stool, lit and other symptoms.

3. Milk in animal fat is mainly saturated fat, will stimulate the baby's gut weak, so hidden, chronic intestinal bleeding, anemia, lack of fresh milk needed for brain development and polyunsaturated fatty acids, is not conducive to the development of infant brain. Reminded that if conditions permit may have been drinking formula, as long as the attention to select the appropriate age for infant formula can.

2.to buy baby formula to buy expensive, because the more expensive the better milk

Expert solution error: A careful look at all kinds of milk powder formula ingredient list, could easily find, in fact, milk formula from the point of view, the nutritional content of which is none other than those, the prices of similar products should not be much difference.

Some milk manufacturers will use their consumer mentality Mummy deliberately hype the price, so when mom chose to keep their eyes open. In general, milk powder imports relatively more expensive, but does not indicate their quality will certainly be better than similar domestic milk. The reason why milk powder imports more expensive because of the additional contribution to Sell , Transportation, off-site open market costs and tariffs, while the domestic milk powder is, according to national conditions and people's living standards and various types of food price ratio, and the continuation of previous state Unity Pricing, the price is comparatively low.

3.the selection formula, the most important to pay special attention to instructions on the ratio of nutrients Expert Solutions

error: Not too concerned about how much milk contains nutrients. Formula currently on the market, whether domestic or imported, as long as 1 year old baby to feed, all kinds of milk powder containing nutritional components are generally closer to breast milk.

Although some brands of milk powder in the strengthening of certain nutrients, but for babies, increasing the nutritional content and not have any effect on them. Because, in addition to drink milk beyond 6 months of the babies have to eat complementary foods, many of the same nutrients in the food supplement can be added. Thus, when parents choose, not just to a two nutrients and selective, and more importantly, for the baby to select those quality and reliable manufacturers of formula milk.

Furthermore, milk from overseas, mostly Westerners, according to the physical characteristics of the design, formulation does not meet the localization. Although individual components leading technology, but the baby's body may not be suitable for China.

4. the more fragrant taste of formula milk as possible, not only taste like babies, and high nutrient content inside.

Expert solution error: Milk powder had light fragrance, no special smell. As the Chinese Diet Pay attention to color, smell and taste, so manufacturers have consciously added a number of vanillin in milk, milk Essence And other aromatic substances, so that when brewed into tea, fragrant, in order to enhance people's appetite. However, only changes in milk aromatic taste, and can not increase the milk's nutrition. Therefore, the formula is not only fragrant taste of the good or bad to.

5 .to buy milk formula can quickly dissolve on the buying, which often shows high-quality milk powder

Expert solution error: Milk powder instant high can really save time, but this is only an external sensory index formula, milk does not mean better nutrition, particularly milk formula. Because formula milk powder, whey powder, butter powder, trace elements and many Raw material Mixture, while in fact the texture of these materials, the amount, ratio, milk quality is a key factor in the decision.

6.infant growth and development requires a lot of calcium, the higher the concentration of calcium and more for baby formula

Expert solution error: In fact, the manufacturers of formula milk calcium raw milk itself is not big difference, but some manufacturers to find a selling point, in the natural milk calcium were added to the chemical to artificially enhance the product's calcium content, but too much chemical calcium can not be absorbed by the body use, so they will become hard stool, difficult to discharge the passage of time also is likely to precipitate in the human body or even stones.

7. baby drinking formula easily lose more than sugar in milk powder can relieve inflammation

Expert solution error: Many parents believe that drinking milk

baby easily lose always add some sugar "relieve inflammation." Some even with a spoonful of milk powder would spoonful of sugar, this is not right. In accordance with the formula composition, does not require additional sugar when drinking. If too much sugar will result in nutrition with unreasonable, resulting in high sugar baby body, easily lead to infant obesity.

8. for less than 1 year old baby, as long as they drink enough formula, nutritional enough.

Expert solution error: Breast or formula milk for babies despite the growth and development needed to provide the majority of nutrition, but it still can not meet all nutritional requirements. If you do not add complementary feeding time, it will cause some nutrient deficiencies such as anemia, zinc deficiency and so on. Therefore, we add a food supplement for infants according to month. 4 months began to gradually add egg yolk; 5 months old when fed purée; 6 months to feed the fish mud; 8 months fed chopped tofu, animal blood and Ganni. The addition of complementary feeding, infant health to meet the rapid growth and development.

9. multi-feed baby food rice cereal or other types of food can replace milk powder, milk powder and rice cereal, such as the tone with food, nutrition, more comprehensive.

Expert solution error: Rice cereal or other types of food, are unable to provide formula provides nutrition to the baby. Because rice cereal is the main component of carbohydrate, fat and protein deficiencies. If there is no supplementary formula, infant nutrition certainly can not keep up.

In addition, the reconstituted milk powder and rice cereal with the infant may also result in failure to protein uptake. Preferably in accordance with the formula Package Indicated on the dose reconstituted

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