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Published: 17th June 2010
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V. Ceramics Underglaze decal screen printing process

Ceramic underglaze decals decoration process is ceramic underglaze decal with the carrier (cotton) repost the first ceramic mold and, uncovers vector facilities on a transparent glaze, the glaze layer to cover the porcelain bodies ; in porcelain has been fired porcelain 1350 high temperature baking process, the decorative pattern also while roasting coloration, to decorative ceramic effect. >> Screen Printing Ceramics Beautiful Arts Center

  Decades, ceramic underglaze decal has been using a hand-carved version Gravure printing machine Print . This method not only Plate Slow print cycle is long, and large areas of make-up process printing is also very difficult. Usually only 16 to 32 open tissue (parchment), the for monochrome printing. Thus, we see the underglaze decoration on porcelain Patterns are often only one green color, people used to call it underglaze "blue and white."

With Screen Printing The growing popularity and development, in particular screen Printing Technology In the production of ceramic glaze Decal practical application of the ceramic underglaze decal Gravure Turn screen printing, hand-carved by a camera-ready version of turn provide a rich experience. In particular, photographic color separation, make-up multi-color overlay in underglaze decal application process, not only shortens the printing cycle, increase yield, reduce costs, but also in the past to rely on hand-painted polychrome underglaze also used five-wire network printing, which makes decorative pattern for color is more vivid, richer level, and the quality has been further improved. Underglaze decals decorative paper used only to ordinary household porcelain, porcelain gradual development of high-end gift to the decoration. Patterns with underglaze ceramic decal printed material lead poisoning this superiority, more and more domestic and international customers. Underglaze decoration on porcelain as the market demand increases, the silk screen ceramic underglaze decal will also have a large development.

Underglaze decal screen printing process is as follows:

Original technical treatment? photographic color separation? bottom plate dressing (nested sample test burn)? copy of make-up? large version dressing (large print version of nested like)? Make Screen plate? paper-based nuclear cooperation? India material processing? Screen Printing - exposing paper

Following is a summary about the features with underglaze decals printing technology, and general screen printing process similar to omitted.

1. Photographic color separation As ceramic decal printing compound contracted by the metal oxide materials are mostly made of inorganic hair Pigment Therefore, transparency is poor, but very strong cover ability. If the normal color printing color printing stack the three primary colors, the printed decal color burn at high temperature and the original coloration hue after hue requirements vary greatly, and some even popcorn. Therefore, the ceramic decal paper plate camera color separation should be based upon the number of images of hue, divided into colored bottom plate, try to fight with color set method was used to take the lead in preparing material for a good fight spot-color printing color printing. Individual non-overlapping color is not color, it should be used with laminated active network. This is a ceramic decal original photographic color separation in a noteworthy problem.

2. Sample sets of co-firing test

Trimmed Patterns bottom plate must be vetted Proof Sets together and test fired, the purpose of Patterns by nested check the accuracy test burn by checking the accuracy of color separation, hue is consistent with the original requirements. Sample sets combined, try burning inspection, if they meet the original requirements, will be under the bottom plate of the delivery process for make-up.

3. Screen printing plate production Ceramic underglaze decal screen printing plate produced in the normal screen with the same screen. It is noteworthy that compound underglaze decal printing pigment particles coarser hair, and a very irregular shape particles. In the selection screen, you should pay attention to the mesh diameter and the ratio of particle size of printed material. Aperture is not too small, printed materials to avoid leakage or obstruction mesh printing difficulties affecting the printing quality. At the same time Stretching tension and printing plate when the force of ink to appropriate printed materials to avoid irregular particles scratched across the screen.

4. Decal set by cooperation That contained Decal decals printed substrate. Decal mounted containing all ceramic underglaze decal screen printing process of making a unique operating processes. Screen printing ceramic underglaze decal graphic carrier is also known as parchment tissue paper, this paper thin and soft, made it difficult to screen printing. The workaround is to temporarily roll tissue paper together on the mount, after the graphic print, and then cotton on the peeled off from the mount. Mount usually use 180 g / m 2 wood pulp paper. Flower paper pasted together set to achieve the following technical requirements.

help Screen printing machine Printing, the printing process are set out in the flower tissue paper and mount must not be parted.

After the print easy to expose to download flower tissue.

These two technical requirements, such as paste or glue used in general is difficult to achieve, and only dedicated liquid pasted together before work. Special mounting adhesive joint fluid is liquid and fill a certain proportion and concentration of liquid preparation made of. Often used for bonding liquid konjac flour, Lily Powder, water chestnut powder. Often used for filling liquid agar, agar, sodium alginate, etc..

Mounted timely, in the smooth formation of the counter, put the first set flower tissue, with a row of small framed document dip thin and evenly combined liquid Brushing Tissue paper flowers on the set, the mount edges and brush Biao together has been spent liquid containing the alignment of tissue paper covered side up, and then replace it with a clean and mount on the back row of repeated measures made in the clean, fluid excess Biao together extrusion, until the formation of the paper after the drying of paper placed on the shelves let dry naturally. Decal set should also pay attention to the paper pasted together Fiber Arrangement agreed to reduce the printing of paper stretch or curl. The pressure is formed, it will contain cutting edge of paper neatly printed to be sent to the printing shop.

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