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Published: 17th June 2010
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Paper and board-Determination of capillary rise-Klemm method

The standard reference used ISO8787 "Paper and board?? Capillary liquid absorption height determination?? Kelie Mu Law."

1 Subject Matter and Scope This standard specifies method using Kelie Mu absorbent paper and board height of capillary method.

This standard applies not glue paper and paperboard, not for 10min in capillary liquid absorption height of less than 5mm of paper or cardboard.

2 Normative references GB/T450 paper and cardboard samples taken

GB/T10739 pulp, paper and cardboard sample handling and testing standards for air

3 instruments and reagents 3.1 This standard uses Kelie Mu tester, its scale length is 200mm, scale indexing value 1mm.

3.2 Stopwatch: readable standard to 1s.

3.3 test reagents used: distilled or deionized water can also be in accordance with the product standards required by other solutions.

4 samples taken, preparation and processing

Samples taken by GB/T450. Cut width of the sample to be taken by 15 ± 0.5mm, 250mm long sample section, vertical and horizontal respectively, each 5.

Cut above the sample processed by GB/T10739, and under the conditions of their experiment.

5 test steps 5.1 the sample flat on a glass article, in the office from one end of the 205mm and the length of the direction to draw a vertical line, if we adopt other immersion depth, this line should be extended away from the endpoint. Caught in the jam and then the sample device, so that the horizontal alignment and scale of 200mm scale.

5.2 good clip down gently jam device after the sample beam, so that the vertical strips of paper into 20 ± 1 ° C or 23 ± 1 ° C in liquid 5mm, while starting the stopwatch timing, which measured the surface along increased the time required for sample distance or a certain period of time the height of liquid rise. Generally increased by 10min ± 3s highly expressed in, or s / mm said.

5.3 read figures in a high reading standards increased attention to the liquid to 1mm, the liquid up to a certain standard from time to time seconds.

5.4 In case of special requirements, product standards regulations should absorbency time.

5.5 If the liquid rises wetting inclined or curved line, should read the results of average height. Absorption rate in the outer multi-layer board is not the same time, according to the results mean that.

5.6 Insert the length of liquid in the paper, product standards or other requirements can be appropriately extended, but indicated in the test report. If the specimen is curled

5.7 may hang in the bottom of a small sample clip, clip chosen to guarantee the quality of the sample vertically into the liquid sample moist but will not be deemed stretch or pull it off .

5.8 Precision: The precision of this test should reach 10% repeatability, reproducibility of the same sample was 20%.

6 Test Report Test report should include the following:

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